Fill Dirt

Screened Fill Dirt

Not all fill dirt in New Jersey is the same!

Contractors looking for fill dirt in New Jersey need a product that compacts well, with minimal to no organic material - important for stability and structurally sound foundations.

Because it's a byproduct of our own soil screening operation, our fill dirt is a tightly controlled product comprising subsoil, shale and rock. There's no debris, concrete, plastics, trash or organics in our fill dirt. While others may use almost anything as fill dirt, our product is screened and graded for consistency and uniformity - we don't cut corners.

We can screen or blend our fill dirt for any specification, from I-1 through I-9. You'll get the same quality that quarries offer - even better -- for a lot less money.

For more information on how Cedar Hill fill dirt can make a difference in your construction project contact one of our topsoil experts at (732) 469-1400 or contact us.

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