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Infield Clay Mix
Infield Clay Mix

The proper infield mix is vital to the success of baseball and softball fields.  Keep in mind these important facts when selecting your next infield mix.

  1. Gravel Content - Infield mixes should contain less than 4% gravel (material retained on the #10 sieve).
  2. Clay Content - The clay content of an infield mix should range between 12%-20%.  A higher clay content will result in fields that require excessive maintenance, watering, and raking.  Insufficient clay content will result in fields that are either loose and sandy, or wet and muddy.
  3. Sand Content - Sand content should be 70%-85%.  Too much sand will cause a field to be "loose" and dusty, while not enough sand will inhibit drainage and make a field unplayable even after small amounts of rain.
  4. Silt Content - Silt content should be 2%-15%.  With higher amounts of silt the field retains too much water, causing it to become muddy and slick.  An insufficient amount of silt will prohibit the field from holding moisture, causing it to become dusty and dry.

Cedar Hill's standard infield mix contains the perfect balance of these components, providing an optimal environment for a high level of play while requiring minimal field maintenance.

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