See why most other screened topsoil suppliers are no match for Cedar Hill

When it comes to screened topsoil processing, Cedar Hill is a pioneer.

We've been providing high-quality screened topsoil to New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania-based customers since the 1960's. Our standards are rigorous: We don't judge topsoil by color … neither should you - color only indicates that it was weathered from a specific parent rock. Instead, we maintain effective quality control by periodically submitting screened topsoil samples for agricultural laboratory testing at Rutger's soil testing lab. We test our topsoil for sand, silt and clay content, as well as for pH, nutrients and organic matter. When specifically requested by the customer Cedar Hill will run chemical tests to the NJDEP certified clean fill standards, but only runs those tests when specifically directed to prior to shipment of material. Test results help us amend soils to meet strict specifications, and it provides the information we need to create highly specialized topsoil mixes for complex applications, such as golf courses or athletic fields. To prove how much we believe in the importance of testing, request a soil test sheet with your delivery.  Here's what you can expect from our topsoil testing and analysis:

A hydrometer analysis shows you the percent of sand, silt and clay that make up the physical properties of our topsoil products. Sand is the primary ingredient that allows proper drainage and porosity. Sand particles range in size from 2 mm to .05 mm and should comprise 40%-80% of the topsoil. Silt (.05 mm to .002 mm) and clay (less than .002 mm) have water retention and cohesive properties necessary for good root structure -- each comprise between 10%-40% of the topsoil.

pH is the measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of a topsoil, ranging from 1 (extreme acid) to 14 (extreme alkaline), with 7 as neutral. What pH level is best? That depends on the type of plant material designated for your particular planting area. The general rule of thumb is to have a soil pH between 5.5-7.2. Cedar Hill makes it a focus to keep our topsoil within that range.

Nutrient analysis represents the topsoil's nutrient availability capacity. These nutrients may be adjusted by adding fertilizer.  Organic matter represents the topsoil's ability to store moisture and nutrients for the plant as needed. We adjust Organic matter levels based on the planting application - that ensures better landscaping and more robust plants.

We offer a range of screened topsoils to suit applications from home gardens to golf courses.

  • Cedar Hill Nutrisoil - enriched screened topsoil for top dressing to 3" and great for sod or planting beds
  • Cedar Hill Premium Blend Plus - our screened topsoil with additional organic content
  • Cedar Hill Screened Topsoil - multiple grades help you stay on budget
  • Fill Dirt - when you need stable soil that compacts well
  • Screened Leaf Compost
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Screened Topsoil

Why is our screened topsoil different from others? We tell you what size screens we use to create our blends - not everyone else does. And of course, there's our habit of frequently testing our soils at Rutger's soil testing lab for proper pH, nutrients and organic matter.

Look to our premium blend for the best results in any planting situation. This is native soil blended with sand and organics, screened through a 1/2" screen to remove all debris 1/2" x 1/2" or larger.

Premium Blend Plus

Our Screened Topsoil with extra compost blended in.  The extra compost gives this soil a higher organic content which allows it to hold more of the vital nutrients and water necessary to keep your plants and grass alive.  This helps to reduce the frequency you'll need to water or fertilize.  Premium Blend Plus is a perfect topsoil blend for use in planting beds and lawns.


So significant, it's trademarked

Nutrisoil® is a perfectly balanced blend of screened, nutrient-rich leaf compost and sand. Nutisoil was designed to help amend the local high silt and clay soils. When properly used it will improve drainage and increase organics in your soils. Nutrisoil can also be used for planting, but needs extra attention and watering do to its very high sand content.

Custom Soil Blends

Perfect for specialized needs

While Cedar Hill has a variety of standard screened topsoils, sometimes you need something special.  We can blend a product that's right for your job.

We've created exotic blends of perlite and peat moss for applications where soil weight is an issue, such as rooftop gardens. Our special, porous rock mix can be used for high traffic areas yet maintains the health of trees by allowing the necessary oxygen and drainage to reach the root zone, regardless of the amount of foot traffic.

Cedar Hill also specializes in Uplands Soil Mixes, Wetlands Soil Mixes and Root Zone Mixes to meet any specifications.

Screened Black Compost

Helps give your soil what it needs to give back to your plants

Loose, fluffy compost holds moisture and circulates oxygen - it's what plants crave. Cedar Hill screened black compost helps amend organically deprived soils so it can give plants and landscapes what they need.

Fill Dirt

Not all fill dirt in New Jersey is the same

Contractors looking for fill dirt in New Jersey need a product that compacts well, with minimal to no organic material - important for stability and structurally sound foundations.

Because it's a byproduct of our own soil screening operation, our fill dirt is a tightly controlled product comprised of shale and rock screened out of our topsoil. There's no debris, concrete, plastics, trash or organics in our fill dirt. While others may use almost anything as fill dirt, our product is screened and graded for consistency and uniformity - we don't cut corners.