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Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver. Pricing is based on distance and volume. We have 8 delivery zones (A-H) as follows:

We deliver from our Somerset, New Jersey location. For exact pricing information, call (732) 469-1400 or send us an email with your location.

What’s a cubic yard?

A cubic yard is how most bulk materials are measured. One cubic yard measures 3 feet wide, 3 feet long and 3 feet deep and is equal to 27 cubic feet. (Your typical wheelbarrow holds about 3-4 cubic feet of material.) View our conversion sheet for more information.

How much soil or mulch do I need?

First, determine how much depth you need (that will vary with soil; mulch is generally applied to two-inch depths.) Then, determine your total square feet of coverage. Start by measuring each area by itself -- your normal stride is about 3 feet in length. Multiply the length by the width of the area for the total square feet. Repeat this step for each section that you’re landscaping, then add all the totals together. Once you have this grand total, call one of our landscape experts to determine how much product you’ll need by volume.

Does material come in bags?

For the most part, no. All soil, mulch and stone is available by the truckload, via pick up or delivery.  Only grass seed (in 5 & 50 lb. sizes) and fertilizer (in 50 lb. sizes) are available in bags.

What kind of topsoil do I need?

Choose your topsoil based on the specific application. Our Nutrisoil® product, with its high organic content, is a superior growing medium for home gardens, landscapes, golf courses and cemeteries.  Our Premium Blend Plus and our screened topsoil do well in any planting situation. They are native soils blended with sand and organics, screened through a 1/2" screen to remove all debris 1/2" x 1/2" or larger.  To save money on deep applications, our 1" minus Topsoil works well as a base.  This is native soil blended with sand and organics, screened through a 1” screen removing all debris 1" x 1"  or larger. By topping off a deep application of 1" minus Topsoil with our Premium Blend Plus or 1/2" screened topsoil, you’ll get high-quality results for less money. See topsoil for more information.

Is there a difference between topsoils?

Topsoils are comprised of varying degrees of sand, silt and clay. Sand is the primary ingredient, allowing proper drainage and porosity. Silt and clay offer the water drainage and cohesive properties necessary for strong root structure. Cedar Hill’s topsoils are distinguished by their content as well as their screened size. While many suppliers offer “screened” topsoil, ours is screened according to 1/2 inch and 1-inch sizes. This gives customers more options in choosing the soil most appropriate for their needs.

What is pH?

pH is the acidity or alkalinity scale ranging from 1 (extreme acid) to 14 (extreme alkaline), with 7 as neutral. The addition of lime helps neutralize acidic soils to a more desirable pH. The type of plant material designated for a particular area determines the proper pH.