Lose the wheelbarrow and let our mulch blower minimize your effort while maximizing profit

Do you work with large commercial applications where a bark mulch blower would save you time, effort and cost? Large mulch jobs are manageable with Cedar Hill's MulchApplier™.

With a 300-ft. hose, our mulch blower helps free your workers to do plantings and other higher- profit maintenance.

Our bark mulch blower's flexible hose applies mulch in hard-to-reach areas. A remote control lets the operator increase the flow rate in open areas or decrease it for a gentle spray into flower beds.

Before using the bark mulch blower, use an edger to establish the bed. Remove existing weeds and rake out clods of soil. In general, mulch should be applied with the bark blower to a two-inch depth. Any deeper and you risk smothering the roots by inhibiting oxygen flow.  MulchApplier is the perfect landscaping tool. Just take a look at what it actually costs a landscaper/contractor to place 50 cubic yards of mulch in eight hours - manually and with our bark mulch blower.

Don't get caught placing mulch when you could be getting your next job! To speak with one of our New Jersey staff on the benefits of MulchApplier, contact your helpful Cedar Hill Topsoil expert or call us at (732) 469-1400.