Hydroseeding: Where Great Lawns Begin 

Due to the size of our commercial hydroseeder, we are able to provide appropriate seeding solutions for areas over 10,000 square feet. Hydroseeding smaller areas, although not always impossible, is often impractical due to logistics, equipment functionality, and cost.

Hydroseeding is THE method of choice for large-scale seeding applications in Central New Jersey, ensuring even distribution and quick germination. And if you're looking for a hydroseeding company experienced in Central New Jersey, look no further. Cedar Hill has 25 years' experience seeding lawns, athletic fields, steep slopes, retention basins, berms, swales and landfills. You can expect to see results in as little as one week for rye seed, two weeks for fescue and three weeks for bluegrass (depending on site conditions, watering schedule and soil temperature).  In fact, we know these techniques so well that our work with mechanical seeding, stray/hay mulching, mulch anchoring and hydroseeding meets New Jersey Soil Erosion and Sediment Control requirements.

Our standard procedure blends fertilizer, fresh seed, Conwed virgin wood fiber mulch and water in our Bowie 3,400-gallon hydroseeder to form a homogeneous slurry which, when applied under pressure onto the prepared seedbed, impregnates the soil with seed. Hydroseeding's direct seed-to-soil contact - coupled with moisture from the slurry - results in a shorter germination period during optimum seeding seasons.

Contact us at (732) 469-1400 for more details on our hydroseeding services.

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