To Fill In

Have you ever run into the situation where you need straw, grass seed, or fertilizer quickly for your over-seeding job, but you find that you are out of inventory. Not to worry. Because of our hydroseeding services we routinely stock straw, grass seed, and fertilizer which we can deliver or you can pick up from our Somerset, New Jersey location.

Choose from:

Cedar Hill Rapid Grow Grass Seed

A high-quality blend, Cedar Hill Rapid Grow Grass Seed produces a soft, attractive “barefoot” grass. Unlike typical “builders grass seed” – an annual that generates a course product that often needs reseeding – Rapid Grow contains only perennial grass varieties that look great year after year. A mix of two rye varieties adds drought tolerant qualities, while fescue helps the product flourish in shady spots. Venerable Kentucky Blue Grass seed adds beauty.

Advent Perennial Rye – 24.5%

Top Gun Perennial Rye – 24.5%

Creeping Red Fescue – 24.5%

Kentucky Blue Grass – 21.25%

Other Crop Seed – 0.35%

Inert Matter – 4.85%

Weed Seed – 0.05%

Cedar Hill offers its Rapid Grow Mix in 5-lb and 50-lb bags. For more information, contact one of our turf experts at (732) 469-1400.

Straw Bales

Straw bales have virtually limitless uses – mulch, compost, animal beds and bedding, harvest decorations, seed cover, erosion control, site stabilization. Some parts of the country even use them as an inexpensive, natural insulator in building construction.  Much less weed seed content than hay, straw mulch is a proven method for retaining moisture in newly seeded lawns.

Cedar Hill sells straw in bales wrapped with wire. Each is roughly 35 pounds, and one bale will cover about 350 square feet and roughly 4,000 lbs. is required per acre.  For more information, contact one of our specialists at (732) 469-1400.


Our all-purpose fertilizer provides plants with the essential nutrients to grow and thrive – 15% nitrogen, 30% phosphorus and 15% potassium.

The nitrogen makes plants resilient and healthy, while phosphorus promotes strong root development. Potassium helps encourage blooming and fruiting.

Cedar Hills sells its 15-30-15 fertilizer in 50-lb bags. For more information on how to use fertilizer properly, contact one of our experts at (732) 469-1400.